She became almost real to me as she journeyed through the pages of my mind. I almost had to stop and tell myself that she is only my creation. I understand now what writers go through when they become involved in a story such as mine. Its easy to get caught up in the character when she seems as real as Norny does to me.

I could go on and on writing about this lovable character. For the energy and inspiration that I have for my cowgirl angel is tireless. And Iíve never had as much fun or enthusiasm for a series of work as I had for thorny Norny.

But I still have drawings, paintings and sculptures to do in order to complete my series. And thatís going to be a difficult task. However as my story draws to its conclusion I need now to focus some of my energy towards the dimensional work of Norny, in order to complete the series with all the same conviction of heart I used to write the saga.

As Norny and Poco drift across the vast prairies of my imagination, I carefully created in words the paintings I intend to paint and the sculptures I intend to sculpt. Depicting events back dropped by the dramatic landscapes and surreal skies that exist in Nornyís world. If you would like to experience it the way I felt it when I wrote it. Then listen to the song "For the first time" By Kenny Loggins before you read the ending. The melody and the words should carry through the back of your mind as you read the last few pages. The song provides the most perfect accompaniment for the words and mood I wanted to convey to the reader.

If you liked my story so far, then I hope the ending makes it worth your while.